Thursday, June 18, 2009

Architect vs "Feng Shui Master"

“I won’t believe in feng shui any more after what had happened”, says an architect afflicted with particularly negative elements! This story is yesterday's The Star:

Luck runs out for architect

KUALA LUMPUR: He was looking at feng shui to change his luck but the reversal of fortune not only left him RM29,260 poorer but without a girlfriend as well.

When the 36-year-old architect, known only as Ong, bought a house at Lakefield, Sungai Besi, his girlfriend recommended that he consult her feng shui master.

Ong went along with her wishes and soon met the feng shui master who told him that he had a spell of bad luck. The “master” promised to turn his luck around for a fee.

Ong promptly issued a cheque for RM29,260 to cover the feng shui expenses of the “master” who claimed that his services were sought worldwide.

After conducting some rituals at Ong’s new house at 10pm, the “master” told him not to speak of the session to anyone and not to sell the house for the next three years.

The “master” later demanded RM15,000 for an amulet to “protect” Ong and his girlfriend.

But before even receiving the amulet, Ong’s girlfriend told him that it was broken and RM30,000 was needed to replace it.

Feeling suspicious and believing that he had been cheated by the “master” and his girlfriend, Ong refused to pay and soon separated from his girlfriend of five years.

“I won’t believe in feng shui any more after what had happened,” Ong told a press conference organised by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong.

“The police will be looking into Ong’s case,” said Chong.


Bai Hu said...

Oh what shit luck! If i were him, i would have asked around instead of relying on only his gf's advice.
The fees are exhorbitant too. U know in Singapore, there are many good fengshui masters too, they dun charge a bomb like this one.

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Unknown said...

Very strange sotry and all the sorrow for the girl.

Anonymous said...

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Billy S. said...

I wonder why some people still rely on Feng-shui masters for their construction projects. They are superstition that should not be taken seriously in this modern age.