Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lamp Posts in Malaysia

The most beautiful lamp posts in Malaysia can be said to be found in the new administrative capital of Putrajaya. It appears as if every road there must have lamp posts with its own distinctive design.

But the signature lamp posts along with the signature bridges and buildings, do not make this new city a place that I would like to live in (even if I could afford to buy a decent house there)!

For me, the most interesting lamposts are along the Middle Ring Road, alongside Taman Melawati.

On my way home from monthly trips to Kuantan, usually just before dusk, I always look out for big birds that like to perch on the lamp posts along a 2 to 3 kilometer stretch of this road. And I've wondered about them for a long time...

Ani Mardiastuti

Yesterday was Labour Day holiday. On a family outing to the zoo, I've discovered that they are Milky Storks or 'Burung Upeh Botak' (bald upeh bird). There was a large flock of them on an island in the zoo's lake. They are not fenced in, so sometimes they fly out.

"The globally threatened Milky Stork 'Mycteria cinerea' faces extinction in the wild in Malaysia, according to Yeap Chin Aik of the Malaysian Nature Society.
The species is a predominantly a coastal resident in Indonesia and Malaysia, inhabiting mangroves and adjacent swamps.....(but) these tidal forests are threatened by agricultural conversion and development schemes, particularly large-scale fish farms, tidal rice cultivation, logging and related disturbance".

This bit of information makes me more eager to look out for these birds anytime I'm in the neighbourhood!


Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

They say beauty is only skin deep. Looks like Putrajaya falls into that category.

At first I thought that the birds were just part of the lamp post design then I realized that they are real and that those are just normal lamp post with birds on them. :)

I like the lamp post that the birds sit on the best.


Unknown said...

If you drive along Jalan Hulu Kelang in the evenings, especially during cold days just after a heavy rain, chances are that you would have seen these birds perched on the street lamps.


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kristineclemens said...

I spent 2 months in Malaysia last year, mainly KL and surrounding areas. Great stuff, thanks for the pictures.