Thursday, May 1, 2008

Detached Honeycomb Houses

Detached houses (Single Family Homes in the US, bungalows in Malaysia) can be arranged in hexagonal grids too. The basic module is a triangle comprising a private garden in the backyard, the house itself with agarage at the side, the driveway and frontyard, the pedestrian footpath, the road and a small public green area.

annotate detached honeycomb

These houses have narrow fronts, but have wide backyards. All houses face a courtyard with a small green area in the middle - small but big enough for a large tree.

honeycomb,detached house

Four houses are arranged around each courtyard; the courtyards are then layed out on a triangular grid to create a neighbourhoods.

detached 2

The houses here are quite small. The building setbacks are below Malaysian standards for individual land titles, but they're ok for group or 'strata' titles.

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