Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rumah Gadang

Rumah Gadang in the Minangkabau Malay dialect means 'big house'. Some of the Minangkabau people of the central highlands of Sumatra live in Rumah Gadang, with several generations living together in these large communal homes. They follow a matrilineal tradition, unique in Indonesia, where ownership of the homes are passed on to female heirs.

Rumah Gadang (1910)

It is said that the Rumah Gadang originated from Tantejo Gurhano from Pariangan, Batusangkar.

Sitinjau Laut

Usually, the Rumah Gadang has three small buildings or 'rangkiang' in front of it, used to store rice:
  1. Sitinjau Laut
  2. Sibayan-Bayan
  3. Sitangka Lapa

The Rumah Gadang has three main areas: immediately after the entrance comes a middle ares (Rumah Tongah), where there is normally a central post; adjoining this the Anjuang, and the bedrooms (Biliak). Opposite the Anjuang is the kitchen and in front of that a large space (Pangkalan), where visitors are received.

The house is largely constructed of wood; an exception being the being the rear longitudinal wall which is a plain lattice woven in a chequered pattern from split bamboo. The roof is of a truss and cross-beam construction, and is typically covered with thatch from the fibre of the sugar palm (ijuk), the toughest thatch material available and said to last a hundred years. The thatch is laid in bundles which can be easily fitted to the curved, multi-gabled roof.

Buffalo horns shape - Rumah Gadang's roof

Roof finials are formed from thatch bound by decorative metal bindings and drawn into points said to resemble buffalo horns - in fact,'Minangkabau' is thought to be derived from 'menang kerbau' or 'win buffalo'.

The roof peaks themselves are built up out of many small battens and rafters.

The External carvings of a Rumah Gadang

Today, Minangkabau people rarely live in Rumah Gadang as they tend to build modern houses. But, there are still some Rumah Gadang preserved by the local government.

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Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

I love those beautiful pointed roofs. They are so elegant.


Anonymous said...

It's a nice house

Anonymous said...

My son name is TANTEJO GURHANO, because i came from Minangkabau ( Luhak Agam )
I am so proud about Minang Culture, and proud to be a Minangkabau Son.
That why i gave my baby Minangkabau name..


Anonymous said...

nice, indonesia has good culture..