Sunday, March 2, 2008

Templar's Park

I was born in Kuala Lumpur (or KL). Except for the time I was studying in the UK, I have lived in this city my whole life. Many people complain that about life in KL but I love it here. Of course there are many things wrong with it, but let me dwell on one positive aspect: its proximity to nature.

Templar's Park is forest reserve with scenic waterfalls less than an hour (20km) from the centre of the city. When I was a small boy in the 60's, my parents would often take the family out there for picnics. Recently I took my small children there.

Its been a long time since we've last been there, and that was because it had become unkempt and dirty; the park department did'nt do a good job. But I was happy to see that its quite clean now. The small entrance and carparking charge was worth it.

You don't get to see wild animals in Malaysian forests,except monkeys. They like to scrounge food from humans, who often oblige. In another post I'll go into the problems that crop up with this human-animal contact.

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Templer Park! Lama dah tak pergi...dulu masa sekolah menengah siap pegi berkhemah, jungle tracking kat situ. Banyak aktiviti pengakap baut kat situ..naik bas selangor..hehe. Lama dah. Insyallah nanti balik nak pegi semula..Templer Park Re-visited.


Bunty said...

Hi I came across your blog while searching about jungle trekking in Malaysia. I am planning on being in KL mid December and would like to do about 3 days jungle trekking. Would prefer to go on an inclusive tour but the only one I have found is with the Teman Nagara direct which is quite expensive. Being a local can you suggest the right people to contact? Or maybe you havae some good suggestions of your own?