Monday, October 29, 2007

Subang Airport restarts Passenger Service

LANDED TODAY… first Firefly flight at Terminal 3 Subang Airport from Penang. Seven years after the forced shifting of domestic passenger services to the then (maybe even now) under-utilized KLIA airport, Subang Airport is back in business.

Picture taken in 1973, unknown source

But of course, the old Terminal 1 was demolished to the ground earlier this year. This was a fine building in the modern style, to many a symbol of independent Malaysia. It was designed by BEP Arkitek – formerly Booty Edwards Partnership - and completed in 1965 at the cost of about RM50 million at that time (USD15 million at today’s exchange rate).

Imagine Firefly’s cute propeller aircraft at that grand old building. Retro, eh!

Another shot of my favourite ramp, from Encyclopaedia of Malaysia: Architecture

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Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

What a shame. The sacrifice of one airport for an airport that was so far away. Very good article. I liked it. The Subang Airport was beautiful.


Mazlin Ghazali said...

I think that there still isn't any new building work on the site of the deolished terminal building. I suspect that the demolition was done hastily and kept quite to avoid objection and protest.
But that's just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Mazlin, Thanks for sharing those pictures of Subang Airport. I really love the architecture and the aura it brought. I remember very little of it now but the one thing I do remember well were the black rubber floor with it's little repetitive circle. What saddens me allot was the "modernization" which ruin the building. It would have been nice if they torn down the other 2 terminals and left this one intact as it is a historical piece of architecture.
PS: I too flew with CSA :)

Lee said...

Hi Mazlin, I was looking for some old pics of KL and came across yours. You really have very nice old pics and brings back memories to me.
May I have your permission to copy a few of your pics?
Thank you. Sincerely, Lee.

Mazlin Ghazali said...

Dear Alan,
I remember the rubber floor too! thanks for dropping by.

Dear u.lee,
I hunted the pictures from books and the internet; they are not really mine. But I think no one will mind sharing these pictures.

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