Sunday, September 23, 2007

Keeton's Russia

It’s been a busy September for me. The four posts on the ancient cities, and the tessellar updates were quite tiring. So let’s call this “Socialising Sunday” when I can sit back and enjoy my favourite blogs with friends. And today it’s “Windows to Russia”. Written by Kyle Keeton, and occasionally by his wife, Svetlana, this is a first person look at Russia through the eyes of a newly arrived expatriate. But this story is from Svet:

A shepherd with his sheep is watching this scene:

A tired stranger comes to the old man, sits down near him and asks the old man: "Please, tell me about the town, what kind of people live here?" The old man then said "First, tell me about your place and from where you have come." The stranger replied, "Really, nothing to tell - it was old, dirty and a boring town. People who lived there were evil and nasty, just quarrels and scandals every day." "Well,"-said the old man - "It is sad to tell, but here you'll find the same. A dirty, boring town and people here is not better than in place what you just left". The stranger then sat a little bit with the old man, ate his breakfast then he left.

Some hours later another stranger came to this old man to ask about this town and the people who live in this town. This old man was not in a hurry to answer this question. He just asked the stranger a question back: about his place where he had come from. The stranger said "Oh, it was a wonderful place, so quiet and peaceful! And people who lived there: they were so kind and nice to me, we became such great friends and we even cried when I had to leave!" The old man replied "Don't worry, stranger - you'll find new friends in this town and find this town the same peaceful and quiet. Just go on in!"

The sun started to go down and the shepherd his sheep to go back to the town, he stopped near the old man and asked him why he gave such different answers to these two strangers.

"I did not lie to them." responded the old man.” The truth is that in each place that you visit you will find the same circumstances as the place you left. You will also find in this world, just who you are. Also, that there is no way to find anything better in the world. Till you change yourself. For you always bring your world with you.

Kyle has a keen eye: he also has a first rate guide in Svet. But most of all, I like his open minded optimism. And that - as the moral of Svetlana’s parable goes - is the most important thing of all!
Rural Russia

Sunrise to Freedom

Village House
Russia Beautiful

Life in Village

Church Rising fro Ruins
Church in Empty Field
Churh that Time Forgot


Moscow Garage

Russian Shops

Old Soviet Playground
Dove House
Utility Buildings
Moscow's Metro

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1 comment:

Kyle and Svet Keeton said...


Just when I think that no one cares about this Blog we have, You come along and make my wife and I smile.

My wife tells me all the time: "Just keep going, we have a good Blog."

I always think that no one wants to read about what I have to say.

Then you do something like this....

Thank you from the bottom of Svet and my hearts. We really feel that it is a great honer. We respect your Blog, you work hard, you put your soul, and your personality shines in your Blog.

Kyle & Svet