Wednesday, August 15, 2007

India Endures

India is an old civilization that started first in the Indus Valley over 5000 years ago, that has endured numerous invasions. It may have started with conquering Aryans (this is a hotly debated topic). But from 180 BC, it was certainly invaded by a series of incursions by Indo-Greeks, Indo-Scythians, Indo- Parthians and Kushans from the north-west. Then between the 10th and 12th century AD, it was invaded from Central Asia, culminating in the Mughal Dynasty. From the sixteenth century, Europeans from Portugal, Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom started arriving, at first as traders and later as colonial masters. By 1856, most of India was under British control.

The people in this subcontinent have managed to preserve established traditions while absorbing new customs, traditions, and ideas from invaders and immigrants, making India a unique multi-cultural entity. Many Indian cultural practices, languages, customs, and monuments result from this co-mingling over centuries.
Source: Wikepedia

In this age of globalization, can India maintain its uniqueness against the onslaught of modern generic architecture? According to Matias and Rahul blogging at, it appears that, at least in and around Mumbai, the local way of life and its peculiar aesthetics have an enduring impact.
They call it the Bombay ‘Masala’, and they illustrate it in their postings:

New Bombay Old Story

Generic City Masala

Kotachiwadi: a hamlet in heart of Mumbai

Dharavikitazawa(Dharavi on the left)

Sooner or later, the Indian vernacular overwhelms the invaders. A happy thought for today - India’s Independence Day!

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OSXFrank said...

The last picture with the Alleyway is in Japan... not India. That moped has a Japanese license plate!