Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mud Houses of Bangladesh

In the less flood prone areas of Bangladesh, receiving less rainfall, and having laterite soil - which gets very hard when dry - you can find oblong shaped mud-walled houses.

"Oblong shaped mud-walled houses with thatch and tile roof are common in Bogra, Pabna, Kushtia and Jessore. In Chapai Nawabganj, the roof of the mud-walled house is moulded by brick-dust mixed with lime, which is peculiar to only this area. Besides, in the region from Bogra to Kushtia, mud-walled houses with CI sheet or kerosene tin roof is another common type. The mud is dried in the form of block for building houses. The gaps between the blocks are filled in with clay.

Mud-walled houses with two to three levels of roof are common in Chittagong region. The roofs are often thatched with CI sheet. In the Madhupur area, mud-walled house with long grass-thatched roof is common. This type of house is also common in northern and western Dhaka and south of Tangail but with CI sheet roofing."

Source: Banglapedia

Geographical Spread of Mud Houses in Bangladesh

A group of students at the University of Asia Pacific, did an excellent study on the low cost vernacular construction technique of mud houses in Bagladesh under Architect Bashirul Haq and Dr. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed.

Mud house

Typical House layout

Typical Homestead Layout

Mud collection and dumping for seasoning

Mud collection and dumping for seasoning

Seasoning of mud in layers

Scale Model

The real thing under construction

Construction Method Of Mud House In Bangladesh. - Click here for the most popular videos

The students: “Neo”, “DAN”, “Rubel_RAF”, and Abdur Razzaq, are at archsociety forum, as is an interesting post on vernacular architecture..

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Roberto said...

Mr. Ghazali,
This is a wonderful post about the mud daubing method. Here, in Panama, the traditional country homes made by "embarre" (literally "smearing") is much the same with similar ingredients (mud and straw, sometimes manure). Unfortunately this method is looked down upon by the "modern" society and it is being replaced by the cement block and tin roof homes that are very hot, humid and don't hold up very well to floods and violent storm. They are also very expensive to build. The traditional homes were cooler, easy to build (usually built in cooperation with neighbors) and easy to repair or rebuild. This is one of the best blogs I have ever discovered and I visit you frequently.
Thank you for your wonderful compendium of facts!

Roberto said...

Mr. Ghazali,
I hope you don't mind but I've taken the liberty of placing your on my blog roll (favorite blogs) on my site to share your blog with my readers as well.

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