Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How is High Rise Honeycomb Cost-Efficient

So on to question no 2: will the cost of this new type of apartment be exorbitant, making it suitable only for the high end market.

To answer this question we designed a 30 storey prototype so that it can be compared with other types of apartments, and help explain how the new concept provides for circulation more efficiently.

In this design prototype, apartments face landscaped 6 storey high sky-courts. 274 apartment units are served by 16 sky-courts, each courtyard typically consisting of 18 apartments.

On the ground floor of the podium block are the entrance lobby, shops and the service and utility rooms. On the 1st to 3rd floors are car parks.

On the podium are 18 apartments, community and prayer halls and a big green area.
The apartments, mainly duplex units, are arranged in an X form with pairs of courtyards that swing from one side to the other on every three floors. 
These are the floor plans for the apartments with the sky-courts facing the East and West.

And these are the floor plans for the apartments with sky-courts facing North and South.
Space usage was divided into five categories: apartment interior, apartment external area, the shared sky-court area, circulation space, and services. This tabulation is that of a typical courtyard and the three stories of apartments that are accessed from it.

It shows that with the “Sky Neighbourhood”, the circulation space is only 4.32% of the total floor area served by it. This is a remarkably low figure.

The reason is simple: we can see it as taking long, narrow mono-functional corridors and transforming the same area into a regular shape that can be used for multiple uses.
To appreciate this fact let’s now compare it with some examples of high-rise apartments with some existing layouts. 

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