Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Squares Housing, Hulu Selangor #2


In this development are quadruplex and duplex units. Below is one of the quadruplex housetypes.

The proposed quadruplexes have large front yards. Each lot is 42’x 42’ such that the house can be 32’ wide.and 22’ deep

Unlike terrace houses, the 'Squares' house is not confined by their neighbours on each side. Every unit is a corner unit with more visible external walls for windows to provide light and ventilation.

The 'Square' layout is based on a patent pending concept of a cluster layout design which creates a neighbourhood that is:
  • safe
  • friendly, and
  • green

This is the layout for the following Phase 4B

This is the area breakdown for this housetype:


life is beautiful said...

innovative solutions to our barrack-style terrace housing in malaysia! well done! how many housing units per acre can u accommodate in this development ( including roads, open space, etc )? i am researching into innovative ways to re-layout our typical terrace house development, to achieve: 1) more housing units per acre; 2) provision of pockets of neighborhood public space; 3) less road space but more parking space for each housing unit; 4) small green space for each housing unit; 5) affordable housing with the re-layout of typical housing development. thanks! regards,tcs

Mazlin Ghazali said...

Dear tcs,
In this particular development, the density (including internal roads, open space, buffer zones, etc )is 10 units per acre. This is lower than the typical 12 units/acre achieved by terrace houses. But keep in mind that 25% of the units here are semi detached houses. If you would like to know more, just click | Home | Theory | Research | Practice | at the top bar.

Sam said...

The plan is really amazing. Square housing provides innovative solutions. The layout and the terraces are well planned. Good job!

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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