Monday, October 24, 2011

Squares Housing at Hulu Selangor #3

Cluster House Type A
In addition to the type C house, there is this smaller and cheaper alternative.

Like the Type C clustre house, each residential block is composed of four houses. These houses are clustered around pocket parks, creating a collection of "Village Squares" throughout the development.

The houses proposed have large front yards. Each lot is 42’x 42’ such that the house can be 32’ wide and 22’ deep.

Each house has a spacious 42’ x 20’ front garden with a porch for at least 2 cars. The front elevation portrays the look of a 40’ x 80’ high end semi-detached house.

Unlike terrace houses, the 'Squares' house is not confined by their neighbours on each side. Every unit is a corner unit with more visible external walls for windows to provide light and ventilation.

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