Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Birds

I am lucky that in Kuala Lumpur, I can wake up to the sound of singing birds. Mainly there is the Common Myna. In Malay it is tiong ‘gembala kerbau’ ( ‘buffalo herder’ tiong).


There are also the pestilent crows.

“The crow is an aggressive and opportunistic feeder, and has a devastating impact on indigenous bird populations by eating eggs and chicks, and mobbing other birds that might compete with it. It threatens the local wildlife by preying heavily on frogs, lizards, small mammals, fish, crabs and insects. The crow was introduced to Malaysia as a bio-control agent of rhino beetles in oil palm estates. “

But the Mynas seem to be able to work around the nasty habits of their cousin specie.


This morning after breakfast, I heard the loud whistles of another bird, the Jungle Myna - tiong ‘sawah padi’ (padi fields tiong) . They are less common, black like crows, but had bright bright eyes and yellow beaks. And they were happy whistling away...


Redzlan said...

Hi Mazlin!

Ok, permission granted! :-)

Wow!, you have more than 20 blogs in your profile. Look like I have found a very successful Architect here.

Selamat maju jaya!
/Redzlan/ @ Raub, Pahang

NEO said...
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NEO said...

Very nice post.
I loved the photo.
Hey your blog is growing really great. Here I'm NEO from ArchSociety.

Mazlin Ghazali said...

Thanks Neo.
By the way, I can recommend readers to visit ArchSociety. Its a fresh kind of international architectectuarl forum,in English but based in Bangladesh.

Thanks for visiting Tabib! There must be more birds in Raub than Kuala Lumpur. I envy your TSLR!
What fantastic photos you've taken!
Anyway, thanks again for the photos.

Unknown said...

Nice photos! I did come across a lot of Mynas during my stay at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.