Monday, November 7, 2011

I'd like to recommend this conference in Penang next year Saturday March 3rd to Monday 5th. I've signed up and I'm looking forward to it.

Welcome to ICSAUD2012
Intervention: Reaching Out to the Bottom Billion
VENUE at Berjaya Hotel Penang (Please Click): 

•    Early Bird Registration Fee Payment Deadline: Before 10th November 2011 •    Full paper Submission Deadline (After Review): 1st November 2011 
•    Late Registration Fee Payment Deadline: After 10th November 2011 
Globalisation with all its positive effects however, has left the bottom billion behind.  The United Nation Millennium Goal of eradicating poverty by halve; fights hunger and disease; and provision of  basic amenities to the poor by 2015 requires aggressive and collaborative efforts from the world community for it to be successfully achieved. The conference showcases trends and practices in the development of sustainable architecture and urban design and set a platform for the fraternity to take up the moral challenges in addressing the bottom billion.  Themed “Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design Intervention: Reaching Out to the Bottom Billion”, it invites practitioners and academicians alike to share insights into the complexities faced when working to improve the quality of process and physical place for the use of the urban and rural poor.  The conference intends to highlight new ideas and fresh approaches to enhance the living standards of the bottom billion and find ways to articulate effective strategies to narrow the gap between the have and the have not.
The objective of this conference is to provide a platform  to academicians, researchers, urban planners, architects, engineers, post-graduates, and those involved in housing, building and planning industries to discuss and share issues in relation to the conference theme.
Technology for buiding design solutions 
Rediscovering traditional design for the alternative solution
Smart and k-city
Vehicle-free city concept
Heritage Buildings
Indoor Environmental Quality
Site Planning
Building materials and construction 
Energy efficiency in built environment
Renewable energy
Computer Aided Building and Urban Design
Planning design
Water efficiency
Passive design
Issues in hill cuttings and land reclamation
Autonomous buildings
Holistic construction
Culture landscape and agro-tourism 
Liveable City
Crime prevention
Human and social factors
Education in built environment
Maintenance and repair technique

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