Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Student Housing

Not many of my affordable housing projects actually got built, but thankfully, I managed to make a strong case that students should live in apartments rather than hostels. The idea is that students and the facilities manager prefer the combination of privacy, freedom and personal as well collective responsibilty that comes with sharing an apartment with other students.

More on this later...


Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

You designed these! That is fantastic. Your videos are wonderful and I love the music choice.

Is the blue roofed building a community center of some type?

What is the approximate living capacity of one of the apartment buildings and what kind of recreation is available for students built into the project?(Blue roofed building?)

I know I am buggy!


Mazlin Ghazali said...

The apartments have 4 bedrooms with two students to each room. There are 20 apartments to every block. That makes 160 students per block. You'll see this when I put up more drawings.
The architecture if built wouldn't win any prizes, but the key thing is that they are cheaper to build and maintain compared to the conventional hostel design.
You are most welcome to continue to be buggy (though I don't quite know what that means!).

Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

I forget and use American slang. If you bug someone it means that you ask too many questions. Example: Your kid asks 20 times when are we going to get there? That is bugging someone!

You could be Buggy, Pesty, Nosy, Irritating, Overwhelming, and a Pain. :)

I use words like that with Svet all the time and she looks at me funny, then I realize that she does not understand.

The fun thing is when she remembers the words and uses them on me.

Have a good day. I will try to remember not to use words like that.

Thanks for the information, I really like the designs that you do. They have very clean lines & very functional.


Anonymous said...

Yeah true ..Who on earth likes to Hostels...but the deal is finding good websites to help you search and find apartments ! As that can get tricky in itself...