Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thermal Comfort Housing for the Humid Tropics #1

In 1984 a molecular biologist, Peter Davis, decided to leave Australia and follow his wife back to her homeland in Malaysia. It must have been a difficult decision. Moving to a new country and culture must have entailed a big change in lifestyle, and personal sacrifices.

But there was one thing about Malaysia that made it particularly difficult: its hot and humid climate. Peter was especially intolerant of heat. So for over 20 years, Peter has made the problem thermal comfort housing into a personal crusade. I reckon that his discomfort was our gain.

Two years ago he came out with the book “Thermal Comfort Honeycomb Housing”, ( I was co- author) which outlined a cheap and energy-efficient solution to the problem.
We are now working together to produce 5 three-minute videos to tell his story. This is the first instalment.

Movie atYouTube

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Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

Good video,

What Peter says makes a lot of sense. Are you going to post(when done) the next two episodes?
I am interested in hearing all he has to say.

The idea of saving that much electricity over 25 years is great selling point.

That is a beautiful house!