Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thermal Comfort #3

Most people would describe Malaysia as a hot country. But it's not that hot really!

Year round temperatures are almost always less than 32 degrees Celsius in the daytime and go down to below 28 degrees at night. That’s rather moderate when compared to summer temperatures of over 40 degrees in continental temperate climates. And bears no comparison to desert climes.

But what is true is that is that almost all houses overheat. Data logs of temperatures in typical houses show that for most of the time it is warmer inside than outside!

What Peter pointed out in the last episode when people here suffer from heat stress, they shouldn’t blame the weather. They should instead blame the defective design of their homes!

Here’s the third episode:

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Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

What is the cost of replacing an old roof? How much more when replacing the old roof is the cold roof.

I mean all roofs have a life span so is the cost that much higher than original?

3000 dollars is cheap by American standards!

The savings in Air conditioning would repay in 5 years or less!

Good video,