Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tessellation Planning for Arab Lands #1

Warning! This post needs a bit of patience!

Movie posted at

You might already know that I’m experimenting with flash movies – the banner for Nong Chik Heights in the last post was the first output.

Now I’ve created this movie which started as a powerpoint presentation with animation and video clips already embedded. I then added narrated to it.

Next I used “Camtasia 5” (which you can download for a free trial). I recorded the powerpoint on screen using settings suitable for a blog with the small screen and table of contents that you can see here.

The result is a nifty 15 MB file (down from 132 MB). Still, you need time to download this. With a 1 Mbs broadband connection, it took me:

  • to get the thumbnail - 1 minute
  • to download about half before I started watching the movie - 17 minutes
  • I then watched the movie smoothly play before it stalled after - 12 minutes
  • I stopped the movie until it got fully loaded after - 8 minutes
  • watch the final - 4 minutes

This is still much too slow; better perhaps to put it all up as webpages!

I wonder...?


Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

Hey Mazlin,

I did not have any problems with being slow.

Less than a minute and the whole video was loaded. The thumbnail was on screen when your site finished loading.

The presentation was smooth. In fact it was the same for me as if I was using one of the You Tube Videos. Or another Flash Video Player.

The whole presentation was like 6 separate movies. I could intra change between them at any time.

The whole process for me was limited by my processor power. (I have a 1.8 mz AMD Sempron) That created an occasional slow moving screen. But the video was fully loaded.

Now just my suggestion. a form of back ground music to each section. Not loud but a filler, When no one is talking, I seemed to hear a static type noise? The intro music was great. Then just have a lower level music that will not over ride the speaking and instruction voices.

I like it! It worked great and I did not even fall asleep during the movies! :) (Now all you need to do is send popcorn with the movies and I can enjoy life)


Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Rat!

I am a dog and Svet is a snake!

Kyle & Svet